Italian Soul


What makes our hearts pound? What makes us fall in love? What excites us?
May be the power of a fast engine, the wind swelling the sails of a boat in the middle of the sea.


It may not be a priority, but we have come to realise how exclusivity, elegance and style are a rare commodity and we strive to meet the expectations of our sophisticated customers.
Luxury is for the few, Man&Del even more so.

Something extraordinary

Design, Quality, Reliability.

Man&Del objective is to design artisanal products, strictly Made in Italy.
Our products are created by craft industries which handle and process raw materials according to tradition.

A unique product made with quality raw materials to become an elegant packaging, promptly delivered to all women who crave success, as this is something we take pride in.

100% Italian ingredients

Design, leather, materials, production, packaging, communication. All the ingredients of this unique recipe are 100% Made in Italy.
Man&Del mission is to reach the perfect balance by planning down the entire process to the last detail, just as a painter does with shapes and colours.

Modern women are champions in multitasking, they are the leaders of their world and they live their lives at a fast rate. Man&Del wants to reward their sensibility while maintaining their authenticity.

Genderless is the future

There is a fine line between women and men. Man&Del hopes for a future without gender differences and dreams of creating a product that can help overcome gender barriers.

Sailing the open seas

In search of new horizons

Currently the Man&Del brand knows no boundaries; the e-commerce provides us with the opportunity to meet the taste of Chinese women as well as American women.
The modern market is online, but who knows what the future holds?

Curiosity is one of our prominent features and new challenges inspire us to keep moving forward: we are sailing the open seas but we keep our feet on the ground.

Italian Soul

To be considered Italian is not enough to be born in Italy, but you need to embrace its essence.